A wedding video is still a powerful way to capture your wedding day. Everyone wants a movie that is professional, emotional and not cheesy because nobody wants to be criticised by guests watching the film.

We offer a wedding video that will captivate you. You will watch, holding your breath. You will find yourself rewinding bit by bit, only to once more have a look at some of the most precious moments of your wedding day. We offer the highest quality services. Our video will move you so much that you will get goose bumps. It will allow you to relive your moments over and over again. You will be laughing and crying at the same time.

Your wedding video will amaze all your friends. You will not put it aside on a shelf, but you will be coming back to it. In a few years, video as a form of communication will still be alive. We are open to all standard and non-standard ideas that you may have. We will take them and translate them into an engaging wedding video for you.

Let’s realize that a professional wedding photo shoot in an interesting place can only enhance the wedding video. Many young couples have already found out the importance of operating and editing skills. It is our mission to make your video the pride and envy of other viewers.

The main ingredients for a wonderful wedding video are:  extraordinary staff, precision, creative assembly and modern, professional equipment. Wedding videos made in our Studio Kiechu will be executed to perfection. We promise that you will always be coming back to it.

Studio Kiechu makes the most beautiful weddings videos in Poland. Get to know our manufacturing excellence that will give delight to your viewers. It is not only wedding videos that make us different from anybody else.  Wedding photography will always be here at the highest level.
We offer different price packages so you can find one that suits your needs best.

We will define the scope of work, so it meets your individual needs and budgets. Please contact us by phone or email in order to obtain specific information and pricing details for the contract.
We make films and photography for celebrities, providing our customers with complete discretion and offering services at the highest level.

Videos are transferred to USB sticks, DVDs and Blu-ray, and for your convenience, we save them on our servers, so you can you easily watch the whole film in full HD anywhere in the world.